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L’Âge d’Or Festival


Taking its cue from Luis Buñuel’s film, L’Âge d’Or Prize was conceived by the founder of the Royal Belgian Film Archive Jacques Ledoux, to support the production of poetic, subversive and innovative films. In 2014, L’Âge d’Or Prize became L’Âge d’Or Festival and is today, in compliance with the initial objectives, a bold annual film program aiming to deconstruct and criticize conformism in both cinema and society.

In addition to thematic retrospectives and the screenings of film restorations, to performances and debates, a competitive section has been created to highlight films produced within the last two years. Throughout its different sections, the festival chooses not to make a distinction upon genre, nor does it wish to confine itself to a specific format.

L’Âge d’Or Festival offers a space where cinema can be rethought. It is a film festival with throbbing faith in compelling images, in the power of editing and the strength of sound … and silence. A festival of cinematic experience(s), for both filmmakers and audience.