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From OME to RAGE
Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

Join the rebellion for the right to make a noise!

Guy-Marc Hinant together with Dominique Lohlé have founded in the year 2000 the production company OME: Observatoire des Musiques Électroniques

Writing, directing and producing 15 documentary films about electronic and experimental music pioneers in 10 years. Portraits of Henri Pousseur, Luc Ferrari, David Toop, Célestin Deliège, Charlemagne Palestine…We kick off this cycle with portraits of Jonas Mekas & Leo Kupper on 10.01, followed by a screening of Hinant’s latest film Charleroi

The duo’s last collaboration was RAGE, which addresses Acid Techno music and the underground culture around it. The film sets a dialogue about Anarchy and Techno which comes and goes from theoretical talks to sensorial documentary with found footage and lots of music. Through an anarchic narrative we are immersed in a ecosystem of philosophical and performative interviews and hardcore beats, which gives us an organic point of view of social phenomenons against the system, such as Anarchy and Techno.

In addition to the Hinant retrospective, the filmmaker and cofounder of the record label Sub Rosa has selected 5 films by friends or people who have deeply inspired him: Thierry Zéno, Edmond Bernhard, Alain Resnais, Werner Herzog or Ruth Beckermann.

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