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EXPRMNTL/ÂGE D’OR » Bruce Baillie – Why Take Up the Camera

Bruce Baillie – Why Take Up the Camera
Friday, October 7th, 2016

by Jean Tertrain (Young Jury)

Bruce Baillie – Why Take Up the Camera

Fri 7.10 18:00 & Sat 8.10 18:00


“I want everybody really lost, and I want us all to be at home there. Something like that. Actually I am not interested in that, but I mean that’s what you could do. Lots of people would like it. I have to say finally what I am interested in, like Socrates: peace . . . rest . . . nothing. ” 
Bruce Baillie, in conversation with Richard Corliss



Today’s first program of the retrospective dedicated to Bruce Baillie’s work starts at 18:00, compiling a number of Bruce Baillie’s poetic and social documentaries created for Canyon Cinema venues, entitled The News. These little films provided a format for creating low-budget, urgent, and politically motivated works. They also demonstrated possibilities for a more immediate transition from production to exhibition.

This program will have a second screening tomorrow, Saturday 8th at 18:00.

  • Mr Hayashi (Bruce Baillie, 1961) – 3′
  • Mass for the Dakota Sioux (Bruce Baillie, 1964) – 20′
  • Valentin de las Sierras (Bruce Baillie, 1971) – 10′
  • Here I Am – (Bruce Baillie, 1962) – 11′
  • Little Girl (Bruce Baillie, 1966) – 10′

Jean Tertrain (Young Jury)

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